Enterprise Development Solutions Provided by Blackberry.

Blackberry, which was once known as the first smartphone, dominated the smartphone market for a long time. But due to lack of innovation it lost a bulk of market to iOS and Android. The main focus of blackberry was on communication in the form of emails and messaging. Being a device used mostly by corporates, Blackberry did not pay attention to other emerging market, which was later captured by other platforms.

According to blackberry, a smartphone should not be bloated with third party applications which do not provide any productivity to the smartphone. While its competitors came out with innovative applications and games, Blackberry started to feel like an old technology. With very less support from the developer community, there were questions being raised on its back-end consistency. However, enterprise still remained the area of expertise for blackberry with its highly secure communication infrastructure.

Although there has been a gradual decline in its userbase, the blackberry development solutions have not seen a slowdown, with developers still creating applications for blackberry, In the recent years the market share of blackberry has shrunk considerably with the smartphone maker sliding down to the fourth place behind Microsoft.

But many have been of the view that Blackberry would take a U-turn and be known for its innovation and ingenuity, With more and more developers coming on board and launch of BB10, analysts suggest that blackberry would again become relevant.

Most of the corporate and large corporations have been preferring blackberries for their employees in order to have a secure communication between devices. Although blackberry is not a dominant force in the smartphones industry, its preference among corporate cannot be ruled out.

With more and more blackberry app developers boarding the development train for blackberry , users now have a wider choice with custom blackberry solutions. There have been many reports that have stated that Blackberry is still the most preferred smartphones for IT managers as they feel that it adds an extra layer of security to the highly confidential corporate data.

The security of Blackberry is highly robust and easy to implement. All the data that is transmitted through a Blackberry device is routed via its operation center which encrypts the information.

Blackberry has been very bold to offer in-app APIs which has enabled Blackberry app developers to integrate their applications into its default services. Other platforms have been relying on cloud services, which makes it very unreliable for sensitive data. With custom developmental solutions provided by Blackberry and the secure infrastructure it provides to its enterprise clients, there is no doubt that Blackberry still is the most favorite enterprise device.

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