Drupal 7 is More Powerful Than Before.

Drupal development is not a common name among the open source content management systems in today’s time. Drupal focuses on deep management and customization features which are perfect choice for any complex website. In spite of good features it not easy to use and lacks flexibility also which hampered its popularity.

However, with the launch of Drupal 7, the CMS has bought many notable changes that too in the core of the product. New version of Drupal 7 CMS mainly focuses on user friendliness along with a powerful content management. Drupal Software Developers has also reduced the pain in the installation. Drupal7 will run on any system supporting PHP and MySQl, means on both Linux and Windows.

Highlighting features of Drupal7 for Drupal web development:

  • It has introduced new in-content menus options for better Drupal development.
  • A new menu across the top of the admin interface gives quick access to the dashboard, content for editing, reports and other site configuration options.
  • Drupal7 also added a shortcut feature which allow user to perform common tasks on single click.
  • It has upgraded it several popular modules to work with new version.
  • The user can add extensions directly from Drupal management interface instead of FTP and scripts.
  • Drupal7 also provides upgraded themes to give a fresh look to the website.
  • The themes provided in Drrupal7 making better use of CSS and other options for handling semantic content.

With all these great Drupal development is a potential business for many web developers who earlier felt difficult to work with it. Now, developers easily explore this upgraded CMS framework and build highly complex and sophisticated websites in no time.

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