Developers eyeing for the last beta of iOS7.

With the date of September 10 nearing, there are many developers of the view that the next beta would be the last update before Apple releases iOS 7 to the general public. Apple has been busy developing iOS to bring it out of beta and phase out all the major bugs. The new build is expected to have a much higher number as compared to previous releases as it near its public release.

This would mean that there would be a range of under the hood changes to the OS as Apple gets ready for its main event slated to be held on 10th September 2013. Recently there have been many changes made to the iCloud service which means that iOS would also receive a major update before it is released. This makes the seventh beta that last update before Apple finally rolls its out the general public. But there are also many speculators who are of the view that Apple won’t release any more betas version and keep the curtain do9wn till the main event to ensure that they have a big surprise under their sleeves to show to the public.

There have been many leaks in the past stating the the September event would also host a new iPhone. There have been sightings of code in the developers build showcasing the support for a fingerprint scanner, which falls in line with the acquisition of AuthenTec.

There would be many eyes glued to the Apple event with many believing that the Cupertino company has to showcase something spectacular in order to survive. apple has been reeling under a lot of pressure as it has not incorporated any major innovation in its smartphone range. This is the reason why iOs went through a big makeover as the overall aesthetics of iOs was starting to become highly stale.

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