Developers look for HTML5 for Mobile Business Intelligence Apps.

Mobile business intelligence (BI) market is facing one major issue these days that is when vendors need to develop multiple versions of an application to run on all types of mobile platforms which leads to a drawn out development process and increased production costs. However, the steady growth of HTML5 may eradicate this issue forever with the exclusive capability of running application in a browser instead on a local device.

How HTML 5 can obliterate the multiple version issue?

HTML5 development will allow the developer to develop only one version of an app that will be successfully run on all HTML5 supporting browsers. In case web app developers need to add other functionalities which are accessed via web language, he can render support from mobile app development framework solutions like Adobe’s PhoneGap and Appcelerator. They wrap HTML5 code with native API’s very easily. Moreover, with big names endeavor mobile BI apps, thus makes mobile BI market the most disruptive one.

Multiple versions for one application.

With the substantial growth of smartphone devices in the business enterprise market and ‘anywhere; and ‘anytime’ is the most sought after features in BI solution, developers have understood that it is highly imperative to offer solution that is available everywhere. However the ability to adduce such type of product comes at the cost of both time and money. In case vendor want to develop an app for all available platforms like BlackBerry, Apple, Android and Windows, he need to develop to do so separately for each platform.

In addition to the time and money it costs, it is not a flexible model when an update has to create for the core app, the change has to be made to very platform that needs to be supported. Earlier there was no technology that could proffer the same type of rich interface that is associated with a native application, but it seems that HTML 5 will bring a change.

HTML5: permits reuse of cod.e

HTML5 development is new conceptualized web language and in under development since 2004. Features making it so special are its ability to offer and run stands alone Rich Internet Apps. It was not the case with HTML5’s predecessors until they get support from third party tools and plug-in such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

The benefit of going for hybrid approach like HTML5 web development is that developers can cut out the redundancy of code for every new platform they want to deploy on. Instead, code written on HTML5 can be reused on any desired platform.

Why CakePHP is Beneficial Web Technology?

If you are a business entrepreneur, entering into the online business to impel your business, you must have heard about latest web technology in the form of CakePHP web development. It is a highly advanced Content management System which has emerged as an exceptionally successful open source web development technique which aims at taking your online business a notch higher by developing websites which are certain to stand out in crowd.

CakePHP technology is based on lines of PHP programming framework and works on MVC methodology which has witnessed great success. Here are some significant benefits of choosing CakePHP development:

  1. Compatibility of Cake PHP with PHP4 and PHP 5 make it the highly coveted tool. It is easy in use and developer can master it with aplomb along with using its templates with ease and simplicity.
  2. CakePHP promotes cost efficient web applications which embrace astonishing advanced features and state-of-the-art technologies for designing beautiful web sites. It also surrounds data validation which is quite flexible and powerful in nature.
  3. CakePHP comes under MIT licensing system. Due to which developer don’t have to pay anything for downloading CakePHP. Moreover, it is compatible with all website directories even those also which do not have Apache configuration.
  4. CakePHP is an open source Content management system which can be conveniently incorporated and customized with your business interest and needs. Therefore assisting in developing a website according to your taste and palate.

So, in order to make sure that you get the top notch websites among your competitors, you need to hire a CakePHP developer who is proficient in application development.

Facebook Timeline can be a Great Brand Initiative

Recently, Facebook launched a timeline for personal pages and now it has announced Timeline Brand pages mandatory from March 30th. It means that brands now have the option to opt-in-now or wait for the automatic change at the end of the month. There have been many social media agencies and PR firms waiting eagerly for this announcement. This initiative can bring both positive and negative outcome for brands.

Large numbers of brands have already adopted the changes coming into force, which means better interaction with fans and more controlled branding on pages.

There have been plenty of notable changes that will prove beneficial for brands:

  • Aesthetics: Brands now can enjoy and successfully add their mark onto their pages, with a large cover photo and profile photo. Posts will no longer appear in vertical line but instead side by side so that users may be able to digest more posts. This also makes the use of assets like video and images being previewed directly on the page so that all can see.
  • Focus on Brand History: The new brand timeline permits brand to emphasize all of a brand history and boost faster fan growth.
  • Pinning posts: Timeline will allow brands to pin posts to the top of their pages, thus keeping them visible for longer time. It will target larger number of audience and to strengthen brand and consumer relationships.

The Facebook Timeline is all set to revolutionize pages on the social platform for various brands. However, there will be some work by brands to make their pages ready for the big switch on March 30th. The only thing to point out about it is that Timeline is made mandatory. The social media loving brands will only make out positives and will adopt the Timeline functionality before March 30th and customizing their pages for better user experience with the brand page.

Flex and Flash is still there, inspite of HTML5/Javascript

There is lot of turmoil after Adobe announced its future plans for the Flex and Flash development community. Adobe announced that Flex will be contributed to the open source development. This left everyone from the community amazed and in doubt. But it is assured that Flex and Flash is not dead.

It is said that Adobe is still commited to the Flash builder and would make certain that Flash developers are able to work on Flash Builder as they use to in the upcoming release of the Flex SDK. Moreover, it is also reported that Adobe will continue to render support to already Flex contract holders.

Adobe in actual is working on two proposals including, incubation of the Flex SDK and BlazeDS at the Apache server. Along with donation of core FLEX SDK, there are some other offerings also for donation:

  1. Unreleased Spark components inclusive of Viewstack, Accordion, Datefield, Datechooser and improved Datagrid.
  2. BlazeDS which is server based java remoting and web messaging technology. It let the developers to connect very quickly to back end distributed data in real time to Flex application.
  3. FALCON, next generation MXML and Action Script compiler.
  4. Flex Testing tools for high quality Flex Development.

After Adone announced this, Adobe will no longer be the owner of the stupendous Flex. Instead, now Apache will be the owner and Flex will be governed with their own well established community rules. So, we can expect that Adobe engineers will working closely with key community leaders for new versions of the Flex SDK.

In the end, Adobe said it will surely not terminate its services to the Flex and continue supporting through Flah Player and Adobe AIR.

This all change could be due to roar of HTML5/ Javascript. These technologies has marked their strong presence on the internet in very less time. Thus giving Flex Development a hard time.

iphone 4S – An Amazing Pick !!

When it comes to talk about amazing in Mobile industry, the name that strikes to the mind is the new iPhone 4S. It has come up with lot many spectacular features introduced yet. More power with dual core A5 chip, HD video and optics with 8MP camera and last but not the least Siri, it will do what you want it to do.

Lets look at these amazing features in detail:

Siri – your smartphone is now your assistant. Siri helps you to get things done on time. What you have to do is just ask it. The communication between you and Siri will be like a communication between two persons. Just talk to siri , it will not only understands what you say but also knows the meaning. Thats the way it works. It finds out for the right app, then gives answer to your question. Like a personal assistant, siri can do messaging, scheduling, sets reminders and so on. The only thing you have to do is “Just Ask” !!

Power – The power has become two times faster than that of previous one. This Dual Core A5 chip provides 7 times faster graphics as well. iphone 4S is quick in dowloading apps, browising the web, launching the games and many more. The battery efficiency is just amazing as you can keep on doing anything for hours and hours.

Camera – 8 MP camera with a custom lens, large apperture and a sensor makes a picture just perfect. An illumination sensor, auto white balance, color accuracy, face detection, high definition video makes it the best camera on phone ever. The view you capture looks exactly the same as it should. Excellent 1080p high definition video can be captured. Everything looks perfect whether you capture a picture or a video. Stunning results will surely make you surprise.

IOS 5 – This advanced operating system has made it easiest to use smart phone. One can access anything quickly and easily. This has revolutionized the feature market of iPhone as it has added more than 200 features to iPhone 4S. Some of them are notification center, iMessage, twitter integration and so on.

Icloud – iCloud manages every stuff of your in a well organized manner. It stores your photos, contacts, apps, music, documents easily and more effortlessly.

Retina Display – A remarkable display feature makes it highest resolution phone ever. Excellent display of text, graphics and images even human eye can not distinguish the individual pixel.

Face Time Call – This is comprised of both audio-video call, one can see and listen to each other anytime and anywhere. Its as simple as making a call from phone. You can use Face Time call with Siri. Get updated with all big events in you and your friend’s life.

With iPhone 4S get connected to near and dear ones no matter where they are, you will be always there.