HTML5 development will begin new era of web.

HTML5 is a buzz word in mobile industry these days. Web developers are supporting HTML5 and its features with open hands. It is also said that in coming years all major web browsers will implement 99% of HTMl5 code in their projects. Currently, major web browsers have adopted 80% of HTML5 as web standard. It is also forecasted that along with the predicted features for browsers, it may also support have some surprising capabilities. For instance: deployment of geolocation in all leading browsers will enable tracking of current location of the person. This will be done with the help of GPS installed on the phone or IP address of the system.

One more reason for fast paced HTML5 development is the lack of plug in support on popular smartphones like Apple’s iPhone. This void is filled by HTML5 for consumers looking Flash like experience. Therefore, many content websites have switched to HTML5 video formats. It is a daunting task for web app developers to create compatible applications for diversification of mobile operating systems like Windows, BlackBerry, iOS, Android etc.

HTML5 dominance as web technology has given plug-in developers a set back. It might give you a feel that days of Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight are numbered. But that’s not the case with Android as it is still using supporting Flash for letting users access the web. Moreover, HTML5 even after acquiring Flash’s position may not showcase features like P2P support, deep zoom technology, and some limited DRM support. These features may come in near future by combining various technologies with HTML5.

In addition, HTML5 Rich internet application development promises a ground breaking web experience for users. It is said that HTML5 will have significant impact on the changing web and the way web will serve its users. Developers are very optimistic about this futuristic change. According to them, after the 99% implementation of HTML5 as web standard will begin a new era of internet access and applications.

Blackberry Still Offers Better Security Than Android

RIM’s BlackBerry still holds the top position in the mobile security in comparison to market share leader Android. This means that though Android was successful in attaining maximum share in the mobile market due to its outstanding Android app development but it drastically failed in providing reliable security to its users at personal and business level.

However, BlackBerry is not having good market value along with least share and interest of developers in Blackberry app development from last few years because its dominance is took over by Apple INC and Android. BlackBerry is yet considered a leader when it comes to mobile security and enterprise apps. Apple INC is much better than Android by working adequately for user’s security. In a recent survey conducted for the level of security provided by four leading mobile platforms in the industry we concluded the following facts:

BlackBerry won the survey by score 2.89 out of 5, Apple iOS score 1.7, Windows Phone 7 score surprisingly 1.61 and last was the Android with 1.37 score. Android was poor scorer and Windows Phone 7 was a surprise element because Windows Phone 7 is younger than Android phones in the market.

BlackBerry is a tested name in the business market confirming its strong strength in manageability and corporate device control where the other platforms emerged as the consumer platforms. The problem heading with Android is that it has launched 4.X version of its operating system but still Android 2.X versions are more active in the market and are deployed across various devices which make it prone to high security risk as there is no reliable means to provide the update for long period.

Though, BlackBerry achieved the first rank in mobile security but in consumerisation and BYOD (Bring your own device) it announced to take a step back from consumer device to favor its traditional business market. This strategy may or may not work for it. Among all four, the winner could be the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 as Microsoft has decades of experience offering plenty of business services and popular enterprise software to give a push to Windows Phone.

Developers look for HTML5 for Mobile Business Intelligence Apps.

Mobile business intelligence (BI) market is facing one major issue these days that is when vendors need to develop multiple versions of an application to run on all types of mobile platforms which leads to a drawn out development process and increased production costs. However, the steady growth of HTML5 may eradicate this issue forever with the exclusive capability of running application in a browser instead on a local device.

How HTML 5 can obliterate the multiple version issue?

HTML5 development will allow the developer to develop only one version of an app that will be successfully run on all HTML5 supporting browsers. In case web app developers need to add other functionalities which are accessed via web language, he can render support from mobile app development framework solutions like Adobe’s PhoneGap and Appcelerator. They wrap HTML5 code with native API’s very easily. Moreover, with big names endeavor mobile BI apps, thus makes mobile BI market the most disruptive one.

Multiple versions for one application.

With the substantial growth of smartphone devices in the business enterprise market and ‘anywhere; and ‘anytime’ is the most sought after features in BI solution, developers have understood that it is highly imperative to offer solution that is available everywhere. However the ability to adduce such type of product comes at the cost of both time and money. In case vendor want to develop an app for all available platforms like BlackBerry, Apple, Android and Windows, he need to develop to do so separately for each platform.

In addition to the time and money it costs, it is not a flexible model when an update has to create for the core app, the change has to be made to very platform that needs to be supported. Earlier there was no technology that could proffer the same type of rich interface that is associated with a native application, but it seems that HTML 5 will bring a change.

HTML5: permits reuse of cod.e

HTML5 development is new conceptualized web language and in under development since 2004. Features making it so special are its ability to offer and run stands alone Rich Internet Apps. It was not the case with HTML5’s predecessors until they get support from third party tools and plug-in such as Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

The benefit of going for hybrid approach like HTML5 web development is that developers can cut out the redundancy of code for every new platform they want to deploy on. Instead, code written on HTML5 can be reused on any desired platform.

Developing applications for iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S.

Phone devices can be called as full fledge computer but a compact one. This surprising device holds the potential to perform almost all features of the desktop thus user can leisurely enjoy wireless web connectivity anywhere we want. The launch of new iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S has augmented new era of technology sense. If you want to experience the difference in mobile arena then choose iPhone app programming services that proffer you with outstanding apps.

The breakthrough Apple devices like iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S are uniquely designed for internet connectivity and also preferred because of iOS 3.0 and 4.0 respectively. These advanced iOS integrated devices are also updated with more robust and scalable hardware and software features. The development of iPhone applications needs intellectual understanding and strong command over the programming languages like C++, Objective C and frameworks like Xcode etc. The iPhone programmers must be familiar with development tools like SDK, JSON etc to develop exclusive customized iPhone applications.

It is a valid point to understand is that in this tough competition and more iPhone apps programmers joining the iPhone app store, one need to hire professional and diligent iPhone app Development Company. Features of iPhone 3G and iPhone 4S has excellent features for game applications. The application development is just the enhancement of the mobile functionality where developers can create applications in diverse areas like music, lifestyle, and travel etc. The smooth touch of iPhone makes the user application more enjoyable and easy.

Apple iPhone app store has prodigious treasure of iPhone applications available for you. So, in order to stand out in the crowd you need to hire an experienced developer who knows the current trends of mobile industry and work develop applications as per industry standard. They must be able to work according to client’s needs and requirements.

Success of Blackberry Apps Lies in Efficient Marketing.

BlackBerry world is very big. BlackBerry can be regarded as one of the first smartphone to create mobile apps. There are some classic BlackBerry apps that are still available for download from long time. But nowadays, going for Blackberry Apps Development will take sheer efforts and strategy to make it to the top. The key role can be played by the strategically marketing of your Blackberry application.

Following are some points that can be used to get started:

  1. The first recommendation for the aspiring Blackberry App Developer is of becoming an alliance member. Being an alliance member can be a point of association in the BlackBerry app world. Another advantage of being an alliance member is that your Blackberry app will be regularly featured as a headline app. This will work in round robin sort of organization. It will save your from getting lost in the huge BlackBerry app world.
  2. Maintain a portfolio: try to add more than one application under your brand name or company name. Making a portfolio increase the chance of getting maximum exposure in the app market. Though it could be difficult initially to have more than one app under your name as it would require ample amount of money. But once it is created, it can endeavor good rewards.
  3. Adopt social media marketing: For getting instant results, social media marketing is the best way. Twitter and Facebook are rage these days. They are an excellent medium of advertisement. For taking advantage of twitter, you need to be an alliance member of Blackberry app world. More over, you can also follow your favorite writers and blogs via Twitter. FaceBook’s fan page is one of the trendy ways to advertise your brand. Making a public page will allow you to see how popular you are by the number of likes and subscribers you will get.
  4. Get your app a public review: Review sites are good to consider. Many app review sites are there where people write what is on their mind. More reviews it will get, more popular it will become.

No matter what market says, RIM BlackBerry is here to stay.

HTML 5 not safe for secure business applications.

HTML 5 is applauded as the as the programming language that will enable developers to attain multi purpose web application development and ultimately solve many issues faced by mobile application development.
The buzz is supported by a recent survey conducted from 12, 00 developers, which found that more than 75 percent are using or planning to use HTML 5 standard for application development. This is all due to the Adobe’s public denouncement of Flex in favor of HTML 5. It also acclaimed it as the best technology for development and deployment of rich content the browser across the mobile platforms.

HTML 5 offers many real advantages in the consumer space and also for tools such as social media and video. According to some experts, the reality is that HTML 5 development is not enough for the enterprise applications. This programming standard would face issues like security, synchronicity and the fact that it is still evolving as a language which makes it more unreliable for enterprise applications. All who are planning the mobilization of business applications they must prioritize that sensitive data is kept safe and applications must perform as they required to do.

The data security is the main concern in HTML 5 development. The major vulnerabilities associated with HTML 5 applications are phishing, malware and denial of service attacks. According to reports, HTML 5 promotes cyber crime. It may invent new ways to trick people for passing on potential sensitive data or installing malware.

The fact that HTML 5 is still a evolving language. W3C will not finalize the definition of HTML 5 for several more years to come which is a matter of concern about its validity and reliability. But in coming years, when 4G will arrive, many such concerns will vanish but till then HTML 5 is considered in context of 3G technology which is not a fool proof technology.

In next four to five years, when 4G will be here HTML 5 may have matured enough to be trusted for wide range of enterprise applications and development purposes. Till then, it is advisable that for developing classic business applications, it is more sensible to go for native development. It means that applications can be optimized to the programming interface that a specific device platforms offers.

Various mobile applications platforms are built in the same arena as HTML 5- develop once and deploy anywhere. The advantage of native mobile applications that they will not proffer above stated issues of security, synchronicity and reliability.