NFC Solutions Summit 2013

The Smart Card Alliance and the NFC Forum presented NFC Solutions Summit on May 15/16 –the leading American showcase for the burgeoning technology of Near Field Communications. NFC Solutions Summit covered the state of this promising technology, developments in new NFC devices and add-ons, the status of the growing NFC ecosystem, the promise of NFC-enabled payments and other popular applications, NFC implementation, and American and international market forecasts.

NFC Summit 2013

The conference presentations leveraged the extensive experience and resources of the Smart Card Alliance and NFC Forum, both widely regarded as leading voices for the application of this technology. The conference features leaders from financial services, applications development, payments processing, technology, retail services, and industry analysts in an interactive, instructive forum on the business issues, implementation milestones, and technology advancements happening in NFC markets.

NFC is gaining momentum with recent product and joint venture announcements from industry-leading handset manufacturers, financial service providers, and mobile network operators, and the industry is moving more quickly toward the establishment of a nationwide infrastructure for NFC-enabled mobile payments and retail applications. Over 150,000 merchants with installed NFC-compatible POS terminals are ready to provide consumers the option of receiving offers and paying for purchases with a wave of their NFC smart phone.

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Custom application Development making business easier.

Computer applications have made technology easy by significantly reducing human efforts and enhanced service delivery in enterprises. Custom application development has been adopted by numerous businesses for various operations. These applications are enforced to accumulate business operations and to improve performance.

The major disadvantage of using standardized software development is that they are designed for everyone, reason being they don’t work for everyone.

Custom application development solutions help you gain an edge in business competition, and let you deliver unique and top notch services in quite intuitive manner. Offshore outsourcing companies can product desktop software, web solutions, software as a service and web solutions those are unique to your particular enterprise.

Application development outsourcing includes highly skilled team at designing, coding, testing and implementing an application that are amazing and lucrative. Application development outsourcing includes standalone applications, cloud based services, data migration services, mobile phone application and many more. But the point of considerations is that it should be exclusively designed to ensure its customized effect.

Customized applications can be edited and easily manipulated by the business firms. This provides an avenue of hosting latest and accurate details on the website. The applications enable the business to match up with the latest market trends and stay tuned with the expected changes. Some exceptional designs can be embedded in the applications with a noticeable ease. Following this, organisations feel free to retain customers and also turn visitors to potential customers.

Custom mobile apps are designed by the developers keeping the essential requirements of an organisation in mind. They are designed to adjust consistently with the organizational environment. Users of customized applications need not to try and fit their processes in some other application. Employees, management and users, all feel free to adapt well with custom mobile apps.

The applications are designed by the internal sources of the organization and hence there is no need of any license fees or any legal formalities. The legal rights and actions are all reserved with the organizations and it is the internal chores of the firm as what to make out of them. There can be large number of people using custom apps, without the need to pay for anything.

These apps are both easy to grow and enhance as they only need to combine features which users ask for and make the overall business expand by creating more intriguing custom apps.

Elevating Tips to Mobile Apps Development.

Technology is moving at a fast pace to address the increasing demand for both employees and consumer. However, rushing is always seen to be prone to danger. These days users are constantly on Smartphones and Tablets, which is why mobile app development has taken an exponential rise to better serve market. Mobile application development is the most anticipated task these days as developers are focused to capitalize on the popularity of handheld devices.

Some apps fail instantly because they are built too quickly, which forces its regular updates based on its functionality and feedback. Here are few considerations to enhance mobile apps development.

  • Precise plan in place must be kept before rolling out any app. Get along with the overall target app possess, how success will be measured and what initiative are to be done so as to make users set free from apps internal chores. A detailed handbook is needed to be put together to define each step following the developing cost, time and class of user. Android and iOS are two pioneers in market and both provide their own particular development specifications.
  • iPhone apps development is more beneficial and easy to conduct activity as compared to Android apps development. Developer community is more into iPhone apps development because of the some exceptional features provided which let them deliver their best.
  • Apps must be designed keeping in mind the crowd using the app as they are ultimate users who will get along with the app. Homework must be done defining what user requirements are and specifying your limitations.
  • Developers must be highly skilled so as to develop top notch applications embedded with all enhancing features those are able to attract users. Usually apps come up with their refined next version, and for this developer must possess skills to keep it as fresh and alluring as the basic app. Developers must not be only one time offering stuff rather should be competitive enough to stand in technology market.
  • App needs to be properly sponsored after it is completed with its designing and development. The app need to be sponsored according to its category and for this proper study is required so as to decide in which category your app basically falls. It is more important to have a line of business person associated with the mobile apps.
  • User feedback is the most important aspect for any developer working on apps development. Until you are not sure whether your apps are good enough to impress users, future of app is entirely under risk.

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Near Field Communication.

Smartphones are rolling the technology market with furnished Near Field Communication chips, or NFC, power users are entirely relying on this auspicious technology. But only few users are aware of what actually NFC is and number of purpose it resolves including events. This technology has been proven transformation for several applications and has elevated it’s numerous forms.

Briefly discussing, Near field communication is a technology which lets two NFC enabled devices communicate with each other. Radio Frequency Identification holds the forum, Near field Communication, the difference lies in the working range of maximum 10 centimeters and can be enabled for one way or two way communication. NFC is highly used on mobile phones incorporating the functionality of Electronic wallet, which allows people make different forms of exchange.

It’s been a long time NFC has introduced to market, but considering the user acceptance, its long way to go. NFC is at its early stages at implementation in consumer electronics. NFC application development is at initial stage but is stepping forward with promising growth. NFC apps developers are more into creating mobile payment and mobile ticketing apps.

Organizers can be overwhelmed with the emerging possibilities that NFC offers to Events. Major concern is the potential issue that NFC will face. Problems include inefficient progress on extending business models following problems associated with the regulations and privacy, which need to be resolved.

Near field communications: efficient exchange of information.

Near field communication is technology that is designed to enhance the functionality of your device that let you easily share and receive information and data with everyone around you. Let’s find some amazing trends how near field communications can make your Smartphone even more Smarter.

What NFC is all about?

Near field communication is a wireless communications platform that transmits radio field at very close range somewhat within an inch. An NFC exchange includes two devices, one initiating the communication and the other target from which data is received. The target can be stated as peer, like two devices exchanging data.

  • Makes sharing easy – NFC offers accessible way for mobile handsets to communicate wirelessly with both powered devices and object remaining unpowered.
  • Wireless means – NFC offers flawless ways to stay connected with your wireless world. From your office to shopping mall to your own apartment, NFC provides repetitive tasks and lets you communicate with the other NFC enabled tags and devices.
  • Two basic modes – the case when two powered devices communicate with each other, the connection formed is called active communication mode and in Active mode, while communicating with each other both devices generate a Radio field.

Android beam and S beam

S beam integrates the best features of Android Beam with Samsung’s own capability of sharing files and content with other S beam supporting device.

  • Quick sharing – contacts, calendar, URL’S can be shared instantly through one Android Beam handset with other supporting device using NFC.
  • Touch and beam – native NFC support to Android 4.0 with Android beam is added by Google. This let you exchange contacts, apps, maps and video instantly by holding two NFC enabled devices.
  • App sharing – downloading an app is now matter of seconds. When you share any app downloaded from the Google play store Android beam, a link is send to Google play from your device and the other device will load the detailed page of app.

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Enterprise mobility faces lots of challenges in BYOD era

According to recent reports, an average employee has at least 3 mobile computing devices in their possession, be it tablets, laptops, smartphones or any other feature phone. We carry them along at our workplaces, where we have to come through ever more devices.

It’s not been so long when mobile device management was quite simpler for both users and enterprises. Many a times most of us carry around data encrypted Blackberry so as to remotely lock it if lost anywhere.

It is a proven myth that embedded devices have more processing and functional power. Unless you are slow to adapt, working at government, finance institutions, you are using array of some previously used technology.

Working environment is highly influenced with mobile and enhanced technology which is posing some significant challenges for IT sector. According to reports, many renowned organizations are striving hard to strengthen the workforce with mobile technology.

And all the points of consideration includes.

  • User interfaces need to be consistent as inconsistency leads to a disjoint experience in navigating from one tool to another.
  • Mobile version is not present in most of the enterprise solutions, hence there are very few options that remain with both parties.
  • Lack of security protocols integrated into applications with bulk of offset work and number of mobile devices result in security problems for IT administrator.
  • No customization is offered by vendor centric apps.
  • Multiple log-ins is something which makes productivity a big worry. It is a proven hassle for the enterprise.
  • All apps do not support all mobile platforms. An app supporting Blackberry can’t necessarily work on iOS. Anything present on Android is not surely delivered at iOS.

These are some challenges faced by mobile enterprise at usual basis and need to be considered so as to enhance productivity.