Apple new OSX mavericks server to help developers with automated bots.

At a recent event held by Apple, there were a range of updates that were brought to the forefront in the form of new iPads, and OSX mavericks. But Apple surely has some new tricks up its sleeves as it gave away the new OS as a free update for all its users. But the story does not end there, as Apple took care of its developers with new and update tools.

OS X Mavericks Server lets the developers create bots that can build, analyze, and test applications very easily. This is a major upliftment for the developers as it helped create a more intuitive daily computing experience for end users.

The new OS takes the advanced capabilities of Xcode to new levels by integrating it into the Os itself. By creating bots with OS X Server for Mavericks, Developers can automate the process of building, analyzing, testing, and archiving the apps. This would not only make the overall process highly easy and efficient but also ensure that there are far lesser redundancies into the overall process. These bots can also be created in such a way, to have an integrated QA and testing phase during the development phase. The new version scrutinizes details of project to identify mistakes in both syntax and logic, and automatically fix code.</>

Developers eyeing for the last beta of iOS7.

With the date of September 10 nearing, there are many developers of the view that the next beta would be the last update before Apple releases iOS 7 to the general public. Apple has been busy developing iOS to bring it out of beta and phase out all the major bugs. The new build is expected to have a much higher number as compared to previous releases as it near its public release.

This would mean that there would be a range of under the hood changes to the OS as Apple gets ready for its main event slated to be held on 10th September 2013. Recently there have been many changes made to the iCloud service which means that iOS would also receive a major update before it is released. This makes the seventh beta that last update before Apple finally rolls its out the general public. But there are also many speculators who are of the view that Apple won’t release any more betas version and keep the curtain do9wn till the main event to ensure that they have a big surprise under their sleeves to show to the public.

There have been many leaks in the past stating the the September event would also host a new iPhone. There have been sightings of code in the developers build showcasing the support for a fingerprint scanner, which falls in line with the acquisition of AuthenTec.

There would be many eyes glued to the Apple event with many believing that the Cupertino company has to showcase something spectacular in order to survive. apple has been reeling under a lot of pressure as it has not incorporated any major innovation in its smartphone range. This is the reason why iOs went through a big makeover as the overall aesthetics of iOs was starting to become highly stale.

Apple has ridiculed all its critics with iOS 7

Who said that it was time for Apple to say goodbye to the smartphone supremacy and give the throne away. With the launch of BB 10, iOS had become the oldest operating system that had not undergone any major revamping. Many believed that Apple had not changed iOS ever since its launch, making its look outdated.

With the head of industrial design teams at Apple, Sir John Ivy coming on board to leading human interface software team, there were some radical changes expected. But iOS 7 has exceeded the expectations of many, giving all the critics some to think about. The preview of iOS 7 was shown at WWDC (worldwide developers conference) 2013, and it was ushering in a whole new look. The cosmetic changes done by Jonathan Ivy was evident as iOS has shed off all its glitter and put on a flat look. This major redesign of iOS was on cards for a long time and Apple has done all it can to ensure that it can rejuvenate its mobile platform.

While presenting the keynote, Apple CEO, Tim Cook called it “a stunning new user interface.” Their headline for the new interface was also on the same lines stating that they have made something good even better. There is no denying the fact that user design is the most vital aspect in the current smartphone market. There have been many reports that have stated the fact that the main reason behind this redesigned interface was that Jonathan Ivy believed that iOS wont hold the test of time and become redundant like in the case of Blackberry.

Although the preview of iOS 7 is available to all registered developers of Apple as a beta, the real deal would only be available to user in the coming fall. There would be a range of new features available in iOS 7 with the likes of:

  • New redesigned interface
  • New Lockscreen
  • New Icons
  • Flatter theme with emphasis on white and translucent background
  • Weather app with live and dynamic displays
  • Multiple page support in Folders
  • more detailed and social notification center
  • Audio calls on WiFi using Facetime
  • Notification syncing across devices
  • Phone and Message blocking
  • Whole new Camera interface

iphone 4S – An Amazing Pick !!

When it comes to talk about amazing in Mobile industry, the name that strikes to the mind is the new iPhone 4S. It has come up with lot many spectacular features introduced yet. More power with dual core A5 chip, HD video and optics with 8MP camera and last but not the least Siri, it will do what you want it to do.

Lets look at these amazing features in detail:

Siri – your smartphone is now your assistant. Siri helps you to get things done on time. What you have to do is just ask it. The communication between you and Siri will be like a communication between two persons. Just talk to siri , it will not only understands what you say but also knows the meaning. Thats the way it works. It finds out for the right app, then gives answer to your question. Like a personal assistant, siri can do messaging, scheduling, sets reminders and so on. The only thing you have to do is “Just Ask” !!

Power – The power has become two times faster than that of previous one. This Dual Core A5 chip provides 7 times faster graphics as well. iphone 4S is quick in dowloading apps, browising the web, launching the games and many more. The battery efficiency is just amazing as you can keep on doing anything for hours and hours.

Camera – 8 MP camera with a custom lens, large apperture and a sensor makes a picture just perfect. An illumination sensor, auto white balance, color accuracy, face detection, high definition video makes it the best camera on phone ever. The view you capture looks exactly the same as it should. Excellent 1080p high definition video can be captured. Everything looks perfect whether you capture a picture or a video. Stunning results will surely make you surprise.

IOS 5 – This advanced operating system has made it easiest to use smart phone. One can access anything quickly and easily. This has revolutionized the feature market of iPhone as it has added more than 200 features to iPhone 4S. Some of them are notification center, iMessage, twitter integration and so on.

Icloud – iCloud manages every stuff of your in a well organized manner. It stores your photos, contacts, apps, music, documents easily and more effortlessly.

Retina Display – A remarkable display feature makes it highest resolution phone ever. Excellent display of text, graphics and images even human eye can not distinguish the individual pixel.

Face Time Call – This is comprised of both audio-video call, one can see and listen to each other anytime and anywhere. Its as simple as making a call from phone. You can use Face Time call with Siri. Get updated with all big events in you and your friend’s life.

With iPhone 4S get connected to near and dear ones no matter where they are, you will be always there.