When David (android) beats Goliath (iOS)

The avenue of different mobile operating system and their subsequent growth has transformed the smartphone landscape in the last few years. As per statistics by the International Telecommunication Union, 92 percent smartphone users use either Android or the iOS. Smartphones market crossed a major milestone and the race clearly lies between Android and the iOS after being strong major contenders in the market. There are other mobile operating platforms as symbian, blackberry and windows mobile that exist far behind from Android and iOS. Both the platforms are growing for the better part of a decade and have been undergoing through a huge makeover over the years.

Both these major mobile platforms have been highly forthcoming. But who actually holds the edge depends upon the comparison between its different parameters.The success can be decided by the two key factors:

  • Number of products sold
  • Profit earned.

As per the reports generated, 758,719.9 thousand android devices were sold last year, which is comparatively much higher, as 150,785.9 thousand iOS devices were sold worldwide in FY2013. There is no denying fact that Android devices sold was undoubtedly five times more than the iOS devices sold worldwide. Ironically this data illustrates that Android is definitely a market leader in this regard. Thus, Apple in order to achieve growth and better market penetration has launched it’s iPhone 5C last year. But this launched doomed out even after being a low priced version of iPhone.

Samsung mobiles have covered 65 percent of the total Android market share and are considered as the largest Android device manufacturer globally. Overall revenues of Samsung’s mobile division in the year 2013 comes out to be $117 billion approximately and operating profit was $23 billion approximately, which is relatively 32 percent highest than the previous year. On the contrary, Apple’s iPhone and iPad division were $123 billion, which was approximately 22 percent higher than the previous year. The total revenue for all android devices manufactured against iOS devices was definitely more and thus android appears as an emerging leader in this respect.

The number of downloads is another vital insight that helps us in determining the popularity of of two major platforms. As per results seen in Q2 2013, the number of downloads exceeds Apple App store by 10 percent. Android ad traffic could boost its market lead as the add traffic in the first quarter of 2014 was 42.83 percent. therefore, App developers are focusing more towards Android devices rather than the iPhone. 71 percent of Mobile app developers chose Android as their primary platform, whereas 59 percent prefer iOS. The tech giants as Gameloft or EA creator of Asphalt racing game series is expected to launch an IOS and an Android version of Game thereby realizing the power of Android in terms of attraction and monetisation.

Publishers, in order to broadcast their books prefer android platform as their top priority.The popular black book series for Android app development has assured to engrave the Android Application Development book ahead of the iOS Black Book. The debate among the tech giants will never come to an end, but according to the above mentioned trends, Android is far beyond than iOS in all respects other than revenues. But who knows what would forthcoming time will exactly bring and who will set the pace in this competitive environment.

Enterprise mobility faces lots of challenges in BYOD era

According to recent reports, an average employee has at least 3 mobile computing devices in their possession, be it tablets, laptops, smartphones or any other feature phone. We carry them along at our workplaces, where we have to come through ever more devices.

It’s not been so long when mobile device management was quite simpler for both users and enterprises. Many a times most of us carry around data encrypted Blackberry so as to remotely lock it if lost anywhere.

It is a proven myth that embedded devices have more processing and functional power. Unless you are slow to adapt, working at government, finance institutions, you are using array of some previously used technology.

Working environment is highly influenced with mobile and enhanced technology which is posing some significant challenges for IT sector. According to reports, many renowned organizations are striving hard to strengthen the workforce with mobile technology.

And all the points of consideration includes.

  • User interfaces need to be consistent as inconsistency leads to a disjoint experience in navigating from one tool to another.
  • Mobile version is not present in most of the enterprise solutions, hence there are very few options that remain with both parties.
  • Lack of security protocols integrated into applications with bulk of offset work and number of mobile devices result in security problems for IT administrator.
  • No customization is offered by vendor centric apps.
  • Multiple log-ins is something which makes productivity a big worry. It is a proven hassle for the enterprise.
  • All apps do not support all mobile platforms. An app supporting Blackberry can’t necessarily work on iOS. Anything present on Android is not surely delivered at iOS.

These are some challenges faced by mobile enterprise at usual basis and need to be considered so as to enhance productivity.

Android Jobs Make a Good Comeback Over Apple Jobs in Last Quarter

This time the big cake slice goes to Android for having the maximum share in job market. Unlike the second quarter of the year where Android was on the losing side now Android has reasons to smile and dance as they are the developers in demand. Earlier iOS jobs were in demand but the reason this time they lack is stagnation in their app store.

Since its inception Apple app store has always been successful in luring mobile apps developers towards it. Moreover they have delivered all type of gains to developers for their association with App Store. The best paid app store with millions of users worldwide Apple has been the best till now.

Then come the Android MarketPlace now called Google Play. This app store has gained popularity very unexpectedly and swiftly. This app store also attracted many talented Android apps developers who made this app store second most preferred option for them. Android is the biggest competitor of Apple till now.

This makes it more interesting to see that the last quarter witnesses 16% more jobs for Android developers whereas Apple witnesses almost 30% downfall in jobs which is a matter of concern. The dipping interest of developers in iOS development gives more scope to other players like Microsoft Windows and RIM BlackBerry.

Other technologies which showed great improvement in no. of jobs available are:

  • HTML5- 44% up
  • jQuery- 32%
  • PHP- 19%
  • MYSql- 18%

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Custom Mobile Application is Necessity of Your Business??

It is for all the business organization which is still taking mobile power casually. The new surveys and tests are clearing the air about the necessity and utility of having mobile applications. The coming year is expected to witness huge jump in the popularity and adaptability of custom mobile apps development by businesses of all sizes all across the world.

As per the recent survey it is stated that 71% of survey takers said that iPhone is top target for native apps and web apps both. After that comes Android apps development with 64% and Blackberry with 22%. The popular browsers for which mobile developers can make applications are Internet Explorer, Safari, Android, Opera and Chrome.

It is also said that HTML5 will still be a amateur player in the market. As smartphones are taking over the normal feature phones, mobile application development industry is making profits in huge figures. The major players will be iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows platforms. Users and applications are becoming very task specific. So, it is very necessary to have mobile apps which straightaway emphasize on specific functionality provided by your product.

Mobile web usage is on the rise in all parts of the world. In coming year it will increase by leaps and bounds. So, all businesses which are still not having their mobile native app or web app must start planning to own one.

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How Social Media Marketing Benefits Android Apps?

Social Media is talk of the town these days for promoting Android apps development. If you are also thinking of advertising your Android app via Social Media marketing you should be clear with some points. As per most of the people, the best medium of advertisement is word of mouth. Guess what, it is correct also word of mouth has larger impact on people in comparison to all other mediums.

With extreme advancements in the Technology new online worlds are created where information spread like forest fire. Social Media marketing is new thing which entails promotion of services and products via a creative and social platform covering thousands of people across the world. Though, the access to this medium is very easy but it will require professionally developed strategy to get the process rolling effectively to produce the results you are looking for.

For making Social media marketing instrumental for your android application development process you will need the assistance from right people, right players and right team to help you gain the right traction needed to promote your product. To start, you will also require doing analysis to review your ROI to get the prospective needed by you.

Social media marketing for Android apps will require connection connected to measure the progress. It is because without growth your marketing efforts are futile. Social Media marketing not only covers Facebook and Twitter. There are other plethora social platforms like dig, flickr, youtube, Myspace, reddit, Friendster, stumbleupon, meetup etc. available online which are waiting to get tapped. Though, with adequate strategy there is nothing that will keep you at bay from taking advantages of these platforms. Application promoted via this medium is certain to gain larger audience exposure with direct feedback.

Blackberry Still Offers Better Security Than Android

RIM’s BlackBerry still holds the top position in the mobile security in comparison to market share leader Android. This means that though Android was successful in attaining maximum share in the mobile market due to its outstanding Android app development but it drastically failed in providing reliable security to its users at personal and business level.

However, BlackBerry is not having good market value along with least share and interest of developers in Blackberry app development from last few years because its dominance is took over by Apple INC and Android. BlackBerry is yet considered a leader when it comes to mobile security and enterprise apps. Apple INC is much better than Android by working adequately for user’s security. In a recent survey conducted for the level of security provided by four leading mobile platforms in the industry we concluded the following facts:

BlackBerry won the survey by score 2.89 out of 5, Apple iOS score 1.7, Windows Phone 7 score surprisingly 1.61 and last was the Android with 1.37 score. Android was poor scorer and Windows Phone 7 was a surprise element because Windows Phone 7 is younger than Android phones in the market.

BlackBerry is a tested name in the business market confirming its strong strength in manageability and corporate device control where the other platforms emerged as the consumer platforms. The problem heading with Android is that it has launched 4.X version of its operating system but still Android 2.X versions are more active in the market and are deployed across various devices which make it prone to high security risk as there is no reliable means to provide the update for long period.

Though, BlackBerry achieved the first rank in mobile security but in consumerisation and BYOD (Bring your own device) it announced to take a step back from consumer device to favor its traditional business market. This strategy may or may not work for it. Among all four, the winner could be the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 as Microsoft has decades of experience offering plenty of business services and popular enterprise software to give a push to Windows Phone.