Blackberry Still Offers Better Security Than Android

RIM’s BlackBerry still holds the top position in the mobile security in comparison to market share leader Android. This means that though Android was successful in attaining maximum share in the mobile market due to its outstanding Android app development but it drastically failed in providing reliable security to its users at personal and business level.

However, BlackBerry is not having good market value along with least share and interest of developers in Blackberry app development from last few years because its dominance is took over by Apple INC and Android. BlackBerry is yet considered a leader when it comes to mobile security and enterprise apps. Apple INC is much better than Android by working adequately for user’s security. In a recent survey conducted for the level of security provided by four leading mobile platforms in the industry we concluded the following facts:

BlackBerry won the survey by score 2.89 out of 5, Apple iOS score 1.7, Windows Phone 7 score surprisingly 1.61 and last was the Android with 1.37 score. Android was poor scorer and Windows Phone 7 was a surprise element because Windows Phone 7 is younger than Android phones in the market.

BlackBerry is a tested name in the business market confirming its strong strength in manageability and corporate device control where the other platforms emerged as the consumer platforms. The problem heading with Android is that it has launched 4.X version of its operating system but still Android 2.X versions are more active in the market and are deployed across various devices which make it prone to high security risk as there is no reliable means to provide the update for long period.

Though, BlackBerry achieved the first rank in mobile security but in consumerisation and BYOD (Bring your own device) it announced to take a step back from consumer device to favor its traditional business market. This strategy may or may not work for it. Among all four, the winner could be the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 as Microsoft has decades of experience offering plenty of business services and popular enterprise software to give a push to Windows Phone.

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