BlackBerry app development based on Java ME & API’s

Blackberry Smartphone market share is increasing with time. So, now BlackBerry software development companies are in dilemma of either hiring BlackBerry app developers for writing the app or just porting application to run on the BlackBerry platform.

Moreover, it is not an easy decision to take as for writing the applications it takes lot of time and money. Going for Blackberry application development need lot of investment. Blackberry platform is quite different from the other mobile platforms available. Some of the requirements for the inception of the BlackBerry development are:

  1. Java is the base of BlackBerry software. Java us only opted for the non browser development of application. Earlier, the developers used to write BlackBerry applications in C/C++ but few years back BlackBerry made a shift to Java programming exclusively.
  2. BlackBerry supports Java ME (Micro Edition). Java Me is a stripped version of Java m,eant especially for the mobile app development. The language is the same but has varied class libraries because they are smaller.
  3. Learn API’s before Blackberry application development. As, Java ME library is small, BlackBerry has augmented special Graphical user interface API’s and others for the better development of the applications.
  4. BlackBerry applications need to be tested on the real devices after development. This is because, BlackBerry simulator may give you false security, especially about the network aspects of the application. So, nothing can match the clarity about the application than testing on the real devices.
  5. BlackBerry application infrastructure is complex in itself. BlackBerry programming is not only about the API’s and Java. The developer need to understand the complete infrastructure including the BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) and BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services) and etc.

This is the summary of all the necessary points to be kept in mind while a developer step into the hi-tech world of the BlackBerry apps development. BlackBerry smartphones has excellent users in the corporate world. So, it is very necessary for the BlackBerry developers to work actively and intellectually to retain their customers for long time to go. BlackBerry application software is now advancing to almost every field from the entertainment, shopping, business, enterprise solutions, health etc.

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