Best Jailbreak Apps for iPhone.

Apple has been on a forefront of development when it comes to its OS for iDevices. Being a popular mobile OS platform, it is very important to stay on top of innovative features which has been a trademark of Apple. Being a closed down platform it does not allow for any customization other than wallpaper and putting icons in folders.

This has led to users Jailbreaking their mobile devices in order to gain more  functionality over the operating system. by Jailbreaking an iDevice, users are able to better customise their devices with many shortcuts, notifications, and other enhancements. Some of the prominent Jailbreaks include:

Ncsetting: Nowadays users are more adaptive and consider system toggling as must have feature in a smartphone which gives them easy access to important toggles. Activities performed quite often with smartphones includes brightness adjustment, switching WI-FI on and off, rotation locking and turning data services on and off. Using iOS you need to enter settings, find the control and toggle it on or off every time.

NCsetting allows users easy access to these basic functions straight from notification center, instead of scrolling around settings menu to perform a basic function. There are number of addon packages along with this jailbreak that offers you with more customization.

BiteSMS: BiteSMS has been a favorite jailbreak ever since its release. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t added better text messaging notifications. Quick reply is user desire that has been most requested from jailbreakers over the years and BiteSMS is always serving users to fill this gap.

BiteSMS offers some beneficial features including reply to messages without workflow interruption. You can have quick compose, password protection for messages, contact basis notification settings. BiteSMS even allows user to buy credits to use for text messages if they don’t have any text plan and need to send message internationally. They are cheaper and easy to load compared to any other carrier.

CleverPin: It can be used with find my iPhone and GPS tracking software. Passcodes are known to be be troubling but most of users find it a must have. With passcode it is very easy to protect data and CleverPin makes passcode much easy to use. If a user is in home network, then the iPhone will not ask for passcode. this is very unique functionality eliminated the need to put passcode everytime.

Settings could be also changed to disable passcode lock if listening to music. This gives more ease to use than having to enter passcode just to change playlist.

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