Apple TV: Incremental Step to Home Entertainment.

Apple made an announcement recently about the launch of new iPAD and Apple TV. However, Apple’s new third generation iPad has grabbed all limelight from the Apple TV, but that does not mean Apple is not having anything new for its customers.

Apple TV developers have come out with an improved user interface and also support 1080p. This is considered as incremental step in home entertainment whereas other major electronic companies are trying to leap forward. Apple seemed to view Apple TV and its existence in the home entertainment sector significantly on two things: a medium to sell iTunes content and a way to connect iOS and Mac devices to larger screens. Every other feature from playing media from premium streaming services to browsing the web is not that laudable as on its mobile devices.

This highlighted the casual behavior of Apple Tv programmers towards Apple Tv while iPhone app sector is advancing remarkably. Apple Tv is just like an accessory to other apple devices like iphones, Ipad and iTunes equipped computers.

What’s new in Apple TV?

Apple Tv is all set to hit stores on March 16 at a cost of $99. The main highlight of this device is the introduction of high definition video (1080p). The new variant of Apple Tv is equipped with simpler and captivating icon based interface which will easier to use than before for customers. Another talked about feature is the device will permit its users to buy movies and television shows via iTunes which can be viewed with the help of iCloud directly on their High definition Tv sets. Similar to its predecessor, the new Apple TV will also integrate AirPlay. It is a mechanism that permits wireless streaming from any Apple device like iPhone, iPad or iTouch to Apple Tv.

With this, Apple is making it simpler for users who love to purchase movies through iTunes to play them on various devices they own. Moreover, customers can now save some of their favorite movies on its iCloud remote storage service. It means that user will not require any physical cord to play a movie bought for one device on another device. Now, we can say that users will be able to watch purchased movies on an improved and powerful Apple Tv set top box which will be in stores soon.

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