Apple new OSX mavericks server to help developers with automated bots.

At a recent event held by Apple, there were a range of updates that were brought to the forefront in the form of new iPads, and OSX mavericks. But Apple surely has some new tricks up its sleeves as it gave away the new OS as a free update for all its users. But the story does not end there, as Apple took care of its developers with new and update tools.

OS X Mavericks Server lets the developers create bots that can build, analyze, and test applications very easily. This is a major upliftment for the developers as it helped create a more intuitive daily computing experience for end users.

The new OS takes the advanced capabilities of Xcode to new levels by integrating it into the Os itself. By creating bots with OS X Server for Mavericks, Developers can automate the process of building, analyzing, testing, and archiving the apps. This would not only make the overall process highly easy and efficient but also ensure that there are far lesser redundancies into the overall process. These bots can also be created in such a way, to have an integrated QA and testing phase during the development phase. The new version scrutinizes details of project to identify mistakes in both syntax and logic, and automatically fix code.</>

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