Apple devices generate triple online sales in two days.

Apple yet again emerged victorious when reports were released by Adobe and IBM that illustrated which mobile ecosystem holds maximum popularity and what device was used more to buy products during Thanksgiving day and the Black Friday. The survey was done keeping in mind the third party developers and retailers. Apple devices were deployed for maximum online purchasing and iPad registered itself amongst devices used for most valuable online shopping.

Adobe calculated 118 percent rise in online shopping done through mobile platforms. The sales grew by 18 percent from that of last year’s reports. Apple’s iPad showed maximum retail sales over about 2000 online shopping sites generating $417 million in sales over the two days.

Iphone generated $126 million(18 percent rise) whereas Android smartphones showed $106 million(15 percent increment) sales revenue. Combining the two of Apple’s devices, that is, iPad and iPhone, total sales generated was over 5 times more than Android smartphones that covered 15 percent of total market sales. Apple that depicted a steep rise in sales covering 76 percent of mobile’s 24 percent shares on charts, remains the brand of market’s choice in terms of preference of mobile platforms, hence holding the market’s sales by a ratio of 3:1 ( one being Android smart phones, tablets and devices on other platforms).

Among the social media that generate traffic Amazon remains the most referenced retailer, with close to 450,000 posts. Playstation 4 drove comparably more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and others. Hourly survey was done too, reporting maximum sales between 11am to noon on the Black Friday.

IBM’s survey too reports that Apple remains the powerhouse platform when it comes to online sales. The reports of Adobe and IBM match in the case, that mentions Apple devices showing 18.1 percent of all online purchases. Android smart phones, on the other hand, are reported to derive a mere 3.5 percent of the total on-line purchases. Apple might be losing to Android smart phones in global arena but in United States, iOS has fetched more than three times online sales in these two billion dollar days than that fetched by android devices.

IBM also indicates that people now spend more time on smaller, more portable devices than computers or televisions. Mobiles account for 35 percent of all online traffic, which is almost 30 percent increment from 2012. Tablets are also growing in popularity and drove about 14.2 percent of all online traffic. But tablets brought forward double the value of online sales than smart phones, driving about 14.4 percent of overall online market purchasing.

Last year IBM reported that social media drove less of online market but this year the charts showcase a different score. So far Facebook is driving more sales than Pinterest, converting sales at a 43 percent higher rate than Pinterest referrals. But Pinterest users have depicted higher value of referral traffic than Facebook, users spending 77 percent more per order of purchase.

Both the above surveys truly vitalize on the fact that Apple is still the king in market even when Android smart phones are available in every nook and corner of planet. On the two biggest holidays, Android fetched not a handful of online sales and Apple hence remains unbeaten in the mobility and sales market.

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