Android Apps Running on AMD Powered Window PC’s

Windows users can now enjoy the lucrative Android apps on their personalized PC’s including those using Windows 8. The users can enjoy this by using the free Blue Stack App players program. AMD’s app zone can also be accessed by using BlueStack’s Cloud Connect System which let users sync Android apps from their phones or tablets to an AMD device.

With the collaboration with Blue Stacks, Android apps developers are to easily tap into the full capabilities of AMD’s product. It will generate a mesmerizing and great experience for users as they can run can easily run apps on AMD powered device.

Android apps developers are developing apps that run through the AppZone and will take advantage of AMD’s graphics acceleration technology. It can be in the form of a discrete graphics card or the company’s integrated accelerated processing units.

AMD is also working hard on convincing OEM’s to ship product with AppZone preloaded which offers Baked in Android functionality to AMD devices. This makes a great opportunity for Android apps programmers as now they have larger audience who can enjoy and praise their apps.

This news will certainly cheer the Window users recently planning to switch to an Android device. But now they don’t have to switch as they can now directly enjoy all big Android apps directly without buying any Android device.

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