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Automated Vehicle Transport Service Application.

This application is used for automated vehicle-shipping services by Brokers, carriers, car haulers. Brokers can create quotes/ orders & assign it to carrier. Its mobile-based platform allows shippers and carriers to come together online to review price quotes, schedule delivery times, scan available loads, and review available transport listings. Carrier can pick the order and its status to be picked up. Also Brokers/Carriers can see the dashboard with New orders/picked up orders, messages, and emails. Application is enhanced with Relay functionality, Accessorial functionality, Carrier Search, Oversize functionality, Quote engine reform, setting change for emails, Fuel surcharge entry, comprehensive load optimization, tracking and notification tools, and extensive independent carrier network etc. Complexity of application has reduced a lot and it becomes … Continue reading

The growth differentiation in mobility among enterprises

Since last few years we have observed major changes in mobile devices. There have been several amendments with advanced cutting edge services as WiFi, broadband mobile data since last few decades. Enterprise mobility is evolving at a rapid pace with the advent of technologies and customer centric approach have been at the core competency. Enterprise mobility sector has illustrated that IT organizations must enhance their mobile management approach in such a manner that they remain more biased on apps rather than on a device. Apps running on handheld devices act as a mechanism and drive end user productivity thereby resulting in larger user engagement. As soon as the companies will incline their business processes then enterprise mobility is expected to … Continue reading

How to make a switch from iOS to Android

There was a wave of mobile application development technology that has changed the way of businesses by shaping the overall business processes. There have been widespread use of smart devices In order to deliver high performance businesses. Tech giants are under the consistent burden in order to keep pace with rapidly developing technologies. With the rise in different platforms, it becomes crucial for mobile app developers to have a diverse approach. There is no denying fact that the two big companies Apple and Google has always been squaring off against each other. Enterprises are adaptable to the changing business needs and are embracing innovative technology. Both the companies always continue to dominate the marketplace and as a result, there have … Continue reading

How Enterprise can Plan for Wearables.

Rapid evolution of innovative technologies is driving demands for delivering devices by leveraging new production-ready features. Tech giants are adapting to the changing needs of users in order to deliver hi tech gadgets to the end users. There is a slew of wearable gadgets nowadays and as a result technology evolution in wearable technology has now become a reality. This has lead to an increased business productivity, revenue and recent ways of performing everyday activities. Thus, wearable technology has tremendous significance in the professional world. It would not only help in performing work quicker, but in an efficient manner indeed. Wearable gadgets have created a paradigm and is expected to be the next big thing in the forthcoming era. There … Continue reading

How will apps affect internet of things

Technology has evolved significantly in the last decade and the rapid advancement in technology has changed many aspects. We have noticed that the advances in technology have taken our lives to an extent which was entirely unpredictable few years ago. Enterprises have started researching level where it is now possible to equip objects with artificial intelligence and appropriate communication. Internet of Things has taken center stage and with increased adoption of emerging technology, propagation of wireless sensors and prevailing of consumer applications it is on the way of becoming next reality. IoT offers augmented growth opportunity to organizations which are adaptable to technological innovations and trends. It is being expected that IoT has laid impact on IT giants, leading semiconductor … Continue reading

Enterprise Mobility: The Journey and Some Insights.

Enterprise mobility in the last few years has gained excessive momentum and there has been colossal use of mobile devices as well as applications in enterprises. Enterprise mobility is leveraging consumers as well as end users and customer facing mobile apps have become popular channel of interaction among them. It has lead to radical transformation by connecting mobile technology with people, products and processes. Mobility has revolutionized the overall world and it has the potential to play disruptive role that helps in addressing significant challenges. Mobility can act as a key platform for combining our communal stakeholders in order to enable on-going marketing promotion. The usage of mobile applications is growing day by day, but the enterprise mobility adoption is … Continue reading

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